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Damn, I am supposed to be working. I do have some shit that I need to do. But I am just overwhelmed with life right now. This is from the last post, but fuck, is it still true. haha.

Man, I am really realizing that depression has full on hit me. This sucks. I mean, it is winter and shit, but fuck, I am tired. I am done dealing with shit. I am done having to hustle for work just to be alive.

I am burned out. I just want to create. I just want to play video games. I just want to fuck around on MidJourney.

I was up for a job at a Beauty company that I thought would have been perfect for me. It's packaging. I love packaging. I mean, it's easy to me. I don't mind doing it and I think it's fun. Like, I could spend the rest of my life doing it.

Actually I would rather spend my life having ok skin. Yeah, that's fucked too. I think I have psoriasis or some shit. It's terrible. I am just done. I don't want to work anymore. I don't want to do anything anymore.

Like, what's the point? It makes no sense.

I miss my kids. I mean, AJ being in the house for the last two years due to the pandemic was rough, but I grew to like having them there. Now, they are in LA, going to a school that we can't afford, and living in a place that we can't afford either.

I'm just tired.

I am not ok.


And that's ok.

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